Our Philosophy

Leadership is not a privilege for some lone wolf working alone. Leadership is a discipline that can be taught, learned, and strengthened.

This website believes in transformational and lifestyle leadership. Transformational leadership is the leadership approach that produces lasting change in individuals and social systems. By doing so, this approach to leadership encourages valuable and positive change for anyone prepared to do the hard work of becoming a leader. The ability to influence, engage, challenge and inspire are essential qualities of the transformational leader.

The first step will be to lead yourself. Leadership is a lifestyle learned through personal development, self-discipline, and by taking ownership of what you can control. After laying this solid foundation, you will then be able to go forward and lead others.

No leader can achieve their goals without the help of a team. Effective leaders are those who can build a team of individuals focused on achieving greatness by putting others before themselves.

Who This Website Is For:

This website is for all leaders, regardless of their rank or position. It is for those who desire to be stronger than their former selves, and do not apologize for having high standards. This website is for those who are willing to put their ego aside to achieve, influence and inspire something greater than themselves. Leaders must be selfless.

If you are driven by challenge, continually strive to learn more, do more, and be more – this website is for you.

Who This Website Is NOT For:

This website is not for those who are driven by ego and feel entitled. It is not for someone who bitches and complains instead of finding ways to get things done. This website is not for someone who keeps all the credit rather than building up those around them.

If you are someone who finds excuses, prefers the easy way, is not willing to do the hard work, and feels that you are owed something – go somewhere else.