About The Author

headshot-33Chris has learned the fundamentals of leadership while serving with the Fire Department. He has been a firefighter and paramedic in the central Florida area since 2007, achieved the status of Engineer in 2013, and promoted to Lieutenant in 2017. Chris is a life-long student of leadership, bibliophile, aspiring thought leader, writer and philosopher. He has the passion and desire of helping others to become the strongest version of themselves. Chris is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, with a specialization in Health Coaching. He encourages others to lead at the upper levels of their knowledge, skill and authority; and believes that the best leaders are always apart of the team – thereby make teaching, coaching and mentorship a priority.

Learn from the past. Move eagerly into the future. Live in the present. Learn yourself. Lead.”

The lives of the greatest leaders are centered on values, character, commitment and courage. Leadership is built on the foundation of self-discipline and personal development before all else. Chris encourages everyone to believe and build on their own leadership potential.


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